Your Rear View

I bet Kate Middleton never imagined that on the day she married Prince William, she would be upstaged by her sister’s rear view. Her sister Pippa was probably not aware of it either before her bottom became a media obsession.

Pippa may not want to capitalise on her rear view but Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez do and Marilyn Monroe did.

A pert or shapely bottom is not an essential requirement for reading this article. There is more to your rear view than your bottom.

Most of us concentrate on the impression that our front view gives while forgetting that people see us from all angles. Your back is as important as your front. Who knows! Your rear may become your new best feature.

Here are my tips from my observation, experience and image knowledge to help you appreciate and celebrate your rear view.

The Element of Surprise

Let us start with the positive. Adding surprising touches to your rear view pleases yourself, adds variety to your wardrobe and brings you interesting compliments.

Start with your hairstyle. If you love your front style, why not ask your hairdresser if there is something a little different he or she can do to the back of your hair to be modern, stylish or funky.

Start searching for back necklines that are different to the front. It can be but does not have to be a cut-out or a low back. It can be something as simple as a high front and a V back. Some crossover jackets can be worn back-to-front to create this high front and crossover V back. Then add an accessory that hangs down your back. An interesting exercise is to take some of your tops and put them on backwards. You may be surprised at how different and good they look. Forget the criticism! Play!

Anything in a semi-fitted princess line will give you a shapely rear. Look also for blouses that have a simple fitted front with a different back style. Fishtails, pleats and gathers on skirts or dresses add an element of surprise to your rear view.

Do not forget your shoes. I have wedges that from the rear view look like stiletto heels. Interesting heels add an element of ooh to an otherwise classic outfit.


Shoes, especially high heels, can get scuffed when driving. Someone will notice it; so have different driving shoes or use texta or white board markers to cover scuff marks or damaged heels.

Always check for falling hems or loose threads. Repair them as soon as possible. Check zips, buttons and hooks. Split seams can show when you stretch or bend. Inspect clothes and accessories regularly.

You are too old to put up with annoying things on clothes. You have my permission to unpick or cut off those ties anywhere across your back. Find a nice belt, alter it or just leave it plain.

Embarrassing Faux Pas

We have all seen them and Image Consultants probably notice more of them. Unless she is a close friend, we are often too embarrassed to tell her.

The mirror in the dressing room or your bedroom is perfect for checking this. Make sure that you check all the angles and what happens when you stretch, bend and sit. That too tight skirt three-quarters zipped up will show if your top is stretchy and moves as you stand up. Your undies or thong will show when you sit on a chair in front of me and your pants gape and your top does not cover it while sitting. The young often do not care about revealing their bra straps. We do. Check the rear bra straps as well as the front straps.

Many women forget to check how that style or pattern makes them look from the rear. Does it make you look better? Does it draw unwanted attention to the wrong area? Or does it make some part of you look bigger than you are?

Last Words

If your rear view has been neglected or just overlooked, now is the time for a re-assessment. Minimise the problems and add the element of surprise and you will want to wear more of your wardrobe more of the time.