Why Tubal Reversal Is Used To Restore Fertility

Tubal reversal surgery is a surgical technique used to repair damaged fallopian tubes in a woman. This surgery is usually sought out after a woman has had a tubal ligation (tubes tied) or has fallopian tubes that have become blocked due to scar tissue. This surgery can be performed as a low cost outpatient surgery in the leading tubal reversal surgery center located in the United States.

There are reasons why women choose to have tubal reversal surgery and not IVF (in vitro fertilization). The first is because of cost. Outpatient reversal surgery costs about $8,000 where one treatment of IVF can be $10,000- $15,000. For many, the first treatment of IVF does not work and many have to endure high prices and the treatment again. With reversal ligation the couple has a chance to conceive each cycle after the surgery. Eighty percent of tubal ligation reversal patients will become pregnant in the first year.

Many couples do not want to have the IVF fertility treatments due to religion. Others do not want to chance the multiple births associated with IVF. Still others just do not want to have a fertility treatment that is unnatural. Conceiving following ligation reversal is considered the most natural way to conceive following a tubal ligation. This is more comfortable for the patients and they know that they can just let nature take its course.

The pregnancy success rate following reversal surgery is remarkably great. The most recent study, Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Report 2011 is the latest and most conclusive study performed and recorded to date. The odds of becoming pregnant following the removal of tubes and rings has the highest success rate.

There are a few factors to consider when researching reversal surgery. The first is your age at the time of reversal surgery. As we know, it is harder to achieve pregnancy as we get older. This does not mean that pregnancy isn’t possible, what it means is that it may take longer.

The experience of the surgeon performing the tubal ligation reversal. The fallopian tubes are extremely delicate and it takes the best of surgeons to do the repair the right way. When researching the surgeon to perform the surgery make sure you check the surgeons background, how long they have been performing the surgery and the team that they work with. If you have questions regarding the surgery be sure they are answered to your expectations. If not, keep asking until you have the questions answered and you are at peace with the answers.

Find a message board with other tubal reversal patients. This is where you can have questions answered and become friends with others that are on the same journey as you and your spouse. Although tubal reversal can be confusing at times it is a journey that changes your life for the better.