The Habits Of Support Of The Foot

What type of foot support do we implement?

Do we have a neutral posture, which goes outwards or do we have some small defect?

Depending on the answer to this question, the shoe model changes. For example, pronators, i.e. those who tend to place the foot inwards, need shoes with support in the inside of the foot mens gym shoes.

This serves to avoid injuring tendons, muscles and joints due to the type of support during training.

If we don’t know which category we fall into, just look at the sole of an old pair of shoes: depending on the position in which it appears most worn, we could evaluate the type of support that concerns us.

Consequently, it is good to always keep in mind that the sneaker wears out more quickly precisely because of the activity . Therefore, it should be changed more often.

After all, we can check if the time has come to change them, placing the pair on the table and see if they hang to one side.

Choose Calmly

Calm and thoughtfulness during the purchase phase are two essential elements. Relying on laziness and haste could in fact mean making bad choices, not dictated by needs, but by mere convenience.

In addition, it is also good to know that the best time of the day for shopping is in the afternoon. Because? Simply after a day of work and load accumulated on the feet, the latter will be tired and swollen, so measuring the shoes in these conditions helps us to realize what the sensations will be with that pair on the foot during training. Never forget to measure both shoes and not just one, so you know how they fit on your feet.

Recognize Men’s And Women’s Sneakers

Today it is easier to come across the unisex shoe model rather than the typically masculine and feminine ones. Yet for sports shoes , the difference between men’s sports shoes and women’s sports shoes still needs to be made. They are distinguished not only by color but also by shape, as they take into account the anatomical differences between female and male feet.

In fact, women have thinner feet, a higher neck, wider forefoot and lower malleolus.

A Different Gymnastic Model For Each Sport: Running Shoes

Each type of sport requires a specific shoe model. If we have to play tennis, for example, we could not run with the same shoes and vice versa.

And speaking of running, the ideal shoes for this activity are those with a simple design and light consistency, so as to allow the thigh muscles to use force only and exclusively for exercise and not also to pull up the weight of the shoe.

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