How to Live a Meaningful Life

Let’s face it. The life that you have been given is yours, whether you like it or not. So why not make the best of it? Take the time to review a few quick tips that will bring meaning into your life in no time.

Limit comparisons between yourself and others. This is a killer for nearly all people, especially women. As women, we often like to talk about what we have with one another. If we find that one of our fellow women has something that we do not, this can create a breeding ground for intense feelings of insecurities. We have to realize that other people may have what we want, and that that is okay. The important thing for us, is to know that what we have is enough. It is okay to use the success of others as a means for finding motivation. But you will be making a big mistake if you use the success of others to further foster your already negative feelings about yourself.

Make time for yourself. Another challenge that we women often face is prioritizing ourselves. We have been socially constructed to nurture, provide empathy, and be supportive of friends, families, and others. However, sometimes to our detriment, we fulfill these obligations at the expense of our own happiness. While we may make an extreme commitment to fulfilling the needs of others, we often leave these circumstances feeling wounded, unfulfilled, and unhappy. The key to everything in life is balance. Our needs are just as important as the needs of other people with whom we share relationships with in our lives. Thus it is imperative that we learn to put ourselves first. After all, we cannot ever completely give of ourselves, when we, ourselves, are not a priority.

Give a little of yourself. Now this idea is not intended to be a direct contradiction from the perspective which was presented previously. I still want you to take time for yourself. But to truly make meaning of your “me time,” requires that you spend some of it “giving.” This can take place by doing something like volunteering at a soup kitchen or sponsoring a child. The element of “giving of yourself,” is important because it creates an avenue for finding meaning and purpose in life. By giving of what you DO have, you will receive in areas where you DON’T.

Focus on non-material things. Money is a great thing to have. After all, it does make the world go around. Right? Actually experts suggest that the amount of money that one has does not have a direct correlation to their levels of happiness. In fact, research is suggesting that money is often used as a substitute for authentic happiness. True happiness is not found in monetary attributes, but rather within the things that do not have financial merit. Priceless things that you can value include things like good health, a supportive relationship, or your education/career. Basically, anything that you have that you cannot purchase would qualify as a non-material thing. Whether you realize it or not, you have many things to choose from. Take the necessary measures to find these things and watch your sense of “meaning” soar!

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Every single person is intended to be different. After all, why else would we all have different finger prints? When we become fixated on a particular way in which people should live their lives, look, and behave, we lose the purpose of finding the meaning to our unique and individual lives. The world does not need another “knock off” or “clone” version of superficial happiness. Instead, what we really need, is a unique and creative version of yourself. As much as possible, dare to define your own way of living and you will be sure to bring meaning into your life.

Living a meaningful life is something that can be an arduous and daunting task. But each one of us has the ability to do so. Follow these aforementioned steps and I am sure that you will be well on your way to creating the meaningful life that you deserve.