Thunderwear Holsters a Popular Choice For Women Gun Owners

A very common way for many concealed carry permit owners to carry their firearms is to put it in their pants or in the waistband (IWB). While this can be a very convenient way to carry, many women find that their curves interfere with comfortable IWB carry methods and holsters. It becomes difficult to do physical activities, and even sitting down can suddenly become uncomfortable. This is precisely why the Thunderwear holster is a popular choice for women gun owners.

Despite what you may think from the name, Thunderwear holsters are not full-fledged underwear designed for concealed carry. Rather, it is a special belt designed to be worn under your pants, but over your underwear. These are typically worn with a long T-shirt, tank top, camisole, or other shirt capable of concealing your gun. When the Velcro is strapped on properly, the weight of carrying your gun in addition to an extra magazine is distributed evenly over your hips instead of digging into the soft part of your waist. A long undershirt keeps the Velcro from rubbing into your back uncomfortably. Even physical activity and sitting down become a bit easier, since the holster keeps the gun out of the way for most movement, and when you sit, the gun fits between the legs.

This holster fits a variety of extra small, small, and medium concealed carry guns (up to 4 inches in barrel length). Most women should be able to find a comfortable strap length to suit them, and can choose between a black or white holster.

Although you may still have to pay attention to the type of clothing that you wear so that your firearm does not “print” through your clothing, Thunderwear helps to minimize this problem. Depending on the size of your firearm, you may still be able to get away with more form-fitting clothing than some other gun holsters for women might allow. With a quick Internet search, you can find videos that show you just how concealed this form of carry can be, and the proper way to draw your firearm when necessary.

Some women struggle with finding the right concealed carry method, even when it comes to carrying IWB. A Thunderwear holster helps to solve this problem by offering a comfortable way to carry a concealed firearm under the pants, but in such a way that it does not interfere with physical activity or sitting down. It can offer a little flexibility with clothing style, and can be a great option for women of all sizes. If you are tired of your IWB holster rubbing you the wrong way when you carry, you might consider giving a Thunderwear holster a try.