Green Living – How To Save Money Every Month

When looking at ways in how to save money each month it does not always mean taking part of your paycheck and putting it in a savings account. It can also mean saving money each month on your groceries, utilities, credit cards, cell phone, etc. After learning how to save money each month on these expenses you may find yourself with money left over at the end of the month that you can put in a savings account.

How to save case on recurring expenses

• Cell phones-on average many people are spending sixty dollars or more a month on their cell phone subscription plans. If you get rid of the subscription plan and go for a prepaid plan you can save on average seventy-five percent a month. You may have to purchase a different phone in order to get a prepaid plan but the savings each month are worth it.

• Car insurance-contact several insurance companies to get a quote using the same deduction plans you currently have. If possible increase the deductibles and try using one company for all your insurance needs which many times will give you a discount.

How to save on groceries

• One way to save on groceries is never shop when you are hungry or in a hurry because you will spend extra money on things that you do not need just because you are either hungry and it looks good or you are in a hurry and just want to get in and out of the store.

• Have a list when you go shopping and just get what is on the list.

• Use coupons and look for sales.

• Buy generic instead of brand names.

How to save on utilities

• During the winter turn down the furnace at night to around sixty-five degrees and sleep under extra blankets. You should also make sure the furnace is down if you are not going to be home all day.

• Open windows and uses fans when the weather is not too hot instead of running the air conditioner.

• Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot water.

• Take shorter showers.

• Run the dishwasher when it is full.

Another tip on how to save money each month is to pay cash and not use a credit card. Paying cash will cut back on impulse buying.

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