5 Topics to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a New Laptop Bag

Aside from the esthetics and quality materials you should always look for when shopping for a work bag, here are some important things to keep in mind as well:

1: Think of your professional position.

Put yourself in your client or customer: what would they expect from you in terms of 1st impressions? Depending on your field, it may be looser, but in some areas, you WANT to stand out. You can compare to your competitors and see if you, minimally, match their presence.

2: Think of your partners and the team you work with.

Would you find acceptable that your colleagues “neglect” their attires on 1st impressions? If the partner coming with you to meet your potential client had wrinkles of shoulder straps on his suit and a stained shirt, would it look as the professionals you want to be recognized for? And when an office’s crew is required to have dress-ups standards, remember it is for ALL to meet whether you are an employee, or the Boss! But perhaps working in Ts and jeans is suitable for your area, in this case don’t underthink the sturdiness of your bag. You’ll want something that will hold all your stuff, all the time no matter the route!

3: Think of the places you usually have meetings.

Do you meet in Fine hotels or do you go out to construction sites? Depending on where you work, you can choose to have assorted bags to your outfit or just one great, pleasant work bag you’ll take anywhere, anyhow! If you only have one, you should get a go-with-most colour depending on your wardrobe. Black or brown are the most frequent.

4: Think of what you need to carry around.

Your laptop computer or your tablet probably is part of the gang. That alone should be worthy of being put away in a safe bag meaning one that won’t fall apart, won’t get the screen scratched or won’t get it filled with crumbles of your snacks! If you have more than laptop or tablet, you should really consider having a bag with multiple compartments because they need to be safely separated. It would also be recommended, if you like to munch during work hours, that you have a pocket to carry your treats around because little pieces of food stuck inside a computer does not make a good equation!

5: Lastly, but importantly, Think of yourself!

Yes most of the time you will be using this bag in the course of your job, but how many hours a week does that imply?! You should basically LOVE the thing! Its looks needs to reflect you at least a little bit, it must be roomy enough to feel as useful as it should be for your needs, it should give you the same level of organization you require in your day to day life (more or less compartments & pockets!) and it should be made of quality materials, because again, that is the basic of all basics!

So, you can be working with a protective helmet on or meet with a Veuve Clicqot for an aperitif, ALWAYS think of your Bag! It is one of your most important work accessory: it Holds your MOST important work accessory & will make or brake what others will think of you when you meet for the 1st time.