Plus Size Women – Know Your Body Shape to Look Your Best

Plus size women come in seven different body shapes, and knowing which one is yours is the secret to determining which type of clothing will make you look spectacular.

If you don’t know your specific body type, then you could end up looking great in one outfit and frumpy in another. Yikes! Don’t let that happen or friends might feel compelled to stage a fashion intervention!

Here is the essential information you must know prior to buying any oversized clothing for yourself.

The Full Hourglass

A plus size woman with this figure has a small waist with ample breasts, thighs, hips and bottom.

The Neat Hourglass

A modified version of the full hourglass figure, many plus size ladies who have lost weight may fall into this category which is characterized by definition of the breasts and waist, in addition to less prominent hips and buttocks.

The Pear

Smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom defines this body type. The shoulders are narrower than the hips; however, there is still a defined waist.

The Apple

A common body type for full-bodied women, the apple shape is characterized by rounded shoulders, a full mid section, average to large bust area, a less-defined bottom, and rounded shoulders.

The Rectangle

Shoulders and ribcage are in alignment for this body configuration. Additionally, there is little definition of the waist, hips or buttocks.

The Lean Column

This can be described as a smaller, leaner version of the rectangle body shape, and the ability to wear the same top and bottom sizes.

The Inverted Triangle

This is defined by an upper body that is larger than the bottom, with shoulders that are straight and squared; and flat and smaller buttocks and hips.

So there you have it; seven body shapes/types for plus size women. Which one are you? To find out, examine yourself in a mirror, either in a plus size swimsuit or in your underwear. Examine which features you have. Another helpful hint is to have someone videotape or photograph you from all angles: front, back, and both sides.

Today the plus size apparel industry is flourishing as never before. Whether you seek plus size lingerie or clothing, there are some beautiful fashions made just for plus size women that are not only elegant, mood enhancing, and sexy, but are bound to drive your spouse out of his ever-loving mind!