Special Skills Your Child Can Master at Summer Camp

Sending your kid to summer camp makes it easy to fill their days with wholesome activities that keep them challenged. While you can bet that your kid will come back a stronger swimmer and singing their favorite campfire songs, they also will have the opportunity to master new skills that they may not have the time or resources to learn at home. As you choose the right summer program for your son or daughter, consider how their preferred activities will teach them valuable lessons they can use long after the summer is over.

Practice Outdoors Survival Skills

Kids spend the biggest part of their time at camp outside. They are constantly learning how to care for the environment while staying safe in the wilderness. Whether they are hiking or spending the night camping in the forest, campers are always being taught safety skills throughout their activities. For example, your child will learn how to spot animal tracks, use a compass and observe weather patterns. They will also learn how to safely build a campfire and extinguish it when they are done. Campers also practice water safety skills daily as they swim, kayak and waterski. Knowing that your child has a full understanding of how to stay safe when they are outdoors gives you reassurance any time they head out on a hike or a boating excursion.

Strengthen Sports Abilities

Specialty programs at summer camp allow kids all the time they need to really dive into their favorite sports. Practicing gymnastics during the school year is one thing but being able to immerse themselves in a trampolining program strengthens their abilities more than the short, hour-long practices at home. Archery, waterskiing and rock climbing are some of the other athletic pursuits kids can refine while attending summer camp.

Learn to Lead a Group

Kids need to have space to practice their independence. Camp counselors are always looking for ways to place them in leadership positions. From being the trail leader to planning a cabin activity, every kid gets the chance to learn how to communicate effectively with a group while taking on a leadership role. Leadership skills learned at camp easily transfer to school and athletic activities back at home. And the confidence they develop from tackling new challenges is something they can carry with them throughout life.

Cultivate Creative Techniques

Arts and crafts at camp can go far beyond the traditional tie dye t-shirts and bottle cap necklaces. At summer camp, your youngster can dive into the creative arts and learn advanced acting techniques in drama class. Alternatively, your budding musician can hone their skills with music lessons. Kids also love to learn how to dance at camp. And they enjoy showing off their new skills at camp performances and family days.

Summer camp programs offer the best of both worlds for kids. They seamlessly blend learning into fun activities that get them excited about developing new abilities. This summer, give your son or daughter an adventure they will always remember. And look forward to watching them demonstrate their new skills once they return home at the end of the season.