Fun-Filled Athletic Activities at Summer Day Camp

Days at summer camp are full of fun-filled activities. Kids are kept busy while learning important lessons that build their confidence. With school out for the summer, kids have more time to explore their interests. Often this means just spending their days in an outdoor environment. As you plan your kid’s summer, check out these exciting athletic activities. Boredom will be kept at bay as they make new friends and discover the benefits of giving new things a try.

Enhance Water Safety with Swimming Lessons

Summer and swimming are pretty much synonymous to kids who could spend the whole season in the water. At summer camps with a shallow, heated pool, even hesitant young swimmers quickly get acclimated to swimming. As their skills improve, they will become more comfortable. They can then take part in other fun water activities. Shooting down a water slide or learning how to waterski on a natural lake.

Serve a Desire to Learn Tennis

Tennis is one sport that kids can enjoy well into adulthood. Summer break provides the right amount of time for a young tennis player to strengthen their skills. At camp, tennis lessons can range from the beginner-level designed to let kids explore a developing interest. Then they progress to advanced instruction for campers who want to be the best at their sport. Either way, tennis is a great way to build confidence both on and off the court.

Climb A-top a Horse

Horseback riding is an enjoyable outdoor activity for kids that teaches compassion and leadership. While your kids are enjoying sitting high up on their favorite horse, they are also learning how to guide an animal while conquering their fear of falling. Riding a horse is also a fun way for kids to build their core strength and balance to complement other athletic pursuits.

Strike an Interest on The Golf Course

Parents who know the joys of spending a day out on the golf course can pass this lesson down to their kids by arranging for lessons at day camp. One of the biggest benefits for teaching kids golf is that each lesson is broken down into small goals. This allows kids to instantly feel as though they are making progress. Driving, chipping and putting are all skills that your child will master this summer.

Get Moving on Carts and Boats

At first glance, a pedal-cart race just looks like a whole lot of fun. However, fun outdoor activities such as riding on a bumper boat makes it exciting for kids to pull themselves away from their laptops and move their little bodies. Over the course of a summer, riding around with their friends at day camp strengthens kids’ cardiovascular system. It also fine tunes those motor skills they will need once football and basketball season start up again.

When it comes to fun activities at summer day camp, the list can go on and on. Soccer. Gaga ball. Ropes courses. These are just a few of the athletic opportunities your child can pursue. He or she will naturally want to try everything at least once. But you will notice them quickly returning to the same activities. They begin to develop a personal interest. Encouraging these newfound sports promotes a lifetime of health and wellness.