Where’s The Most Romantic Location To Propose in Sydney?

If you are planning to pop the question to that special person in your life, you need the occasion to seem spontaneous, unique and not too played out or clichéd. Everyone thinks of the Opera house or a trip round Sydney Harbor on a cruise or small boat. Even if you try to be more adventurous and book a bridge climb to the top of the Harbor Bridge or Pylon Lookout you’re still pretty much doing something that countless thousands of star-struck lovers have done before. You know this when the tour guide gives you a safety device for your engagement ring! Be creative and inventive, don’t follow the crowd.

Choose Somewhere You’ve Been Before

If you are local to Sydney or have visited before then the most romantic place to propose will be somewhere you have previously visited, a special place that has memories you both share. Sydney’s north beaches are extremely popular for proposals as you can get amazing views of Sydney’s harbor. Going somewhere you are familiar with will be less likely to rouse your partner’s suspicions. Great places to propose are places like Robertsons Point Lookout or Neilsen’s park.

This Is Your First Time In Sydney?

If you’ve never visited Sydney before and are planning to propose while you visit then wherever you choose will be new and exciting. In that case try the eastern side the Botanical Gardens where you’ll find Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. If governor Macquarie decided to have a chair carved out of rock, you know the view of Sydney from here must be great! Best of all you won’t be rumbled as the Botanical gardens are a fairly typical tourist haunt.

Do You Want The Ultimate View Of Sydney?

There are many hot air balloon hire companies in Sydney whose trips benefit from stunning views of Sydney and the surrounding landscape. Seeing Sydney from the air is simply majestic and you’ll get no better view than from a calm hot air balloon trip. If you book ahead you’ll be able to get a good deal on a private flight. If you want to arrange for a post-proposal glass of bubbly before you land, most firms will oblige and some even offer a package with an amazing meal after you land. If both you and your partner are okay with flying, the peace and tranquility makes proposing in a hot air balloon extremely romantic.

Are You Planning A Picnic?

Sydney has so many romantic locations for picnics that you are spoilt for choice. Queen’s park, Centennial Park and the Rose Garden are all great places away from the harbor where you can propose in privacy. To really push the boat out, you could book a seaplane and be flown along Sydney’s north beach’s or out to little islands. There are dozens of ‘secret’ places only accessible by planes or helicopter like islands and beaches. It’s amazing how all the tourists flock to the main beaches or islands, yet you can find others just a stones-throw away where you’ll be pretty much left alone. For example, Store Beach at Manly’s North Head is private and you’ll have to hire a kayak from Manly Corso to get there for your romantic picnic proposal!