What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything

Consider this for a gift

Would he fancy a romantic trip to China for a vintage wine and cheese tasting experience, set in a private wine cellar in the heart of Beijing, with staff that will serve him the finest wines from the finest vineyards in the world.

He will get lost in time and forget that he is in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world as he enjoys the unique experience of sampling these fine wines in the most luxurious surroundings, a world away from the city, in an atmosphere of calm and quiet.

Take his dream of a living on a desert island

If your guy is a action-man, always on the go with little time to sit and relax, remind him of the pleasure of enjoying quiet moments and arrange for both of you to be whisked away on a private flight to a remote island in Australia.

Make it come true, even if only just for a few days, and whilst there, treat him to a romantic picnic; just the two of you.

Let the world disappear as it is just you and him on a private coral reef island with beautiful white sand with the soft aqua blue sea lapping at your toes!

Maybe your guy needs a fashion make over?

Take him on a personal chauffeured trip to the finest shopping precincts in Los Angeles and have a private consultation with an up-to-the minute personal stylist. Spend a day browsing all the local boutiques and seeing world-class fashions trends on show in one of the most famous fashion shopping districts in the world.

With the guidance of that personal stylist you will both find fashion and style to suit your tastes perfectly, from the incredibly exclusive goods at the over-the-top boutiques that you will drool over, right down to something that is equally fabulous that works for you and within your budget! Then have a break from shopping and take a little time to indulge in a coffee break – the LA way.

If your guy is an adventure loving man

A trip to Queensland Australia could be the destination to choose. Get him a pair of aviator sunglasses and a pilot’s cap and let him fly a helicopter!

This is magnificent aviation country where your man can have a unique flying experience, like no other adventure. After a brief instruction both of you will be soaring the skies under the safe guidance of a trained pilot, with your man at the controls (imagine telling his buddies about this)! The scenery from the air is regarded as some of the most beautiful on earth.

Even if you think he has everything

With a little creativity, you can find many exotic new things to give your guy.

How about a day on the high seas in a private luxury yacht or an “out-of-this-world” adventure on a Boeing 727 airplane experiencing zero gravity, along with a few other experience-hungry passengers.

If he enjoys physical activity, whisk him away to Whistler, Canada for an amazing glacier ice-hiking trek.

Would he enjoy lunch in Turkey whilst exploring the famous Istanbul Spice Bazaar? If he enjoys food and loves to cook, this could be his Shangri-La!

What do you get the guy that has everything? You can get him many things, but the hardest part is deciding which one.