Tips to Write a Birthday Card for Mother

Your mother holds a special place in your life. Writing a birthday card for mother needs an extra effort because it’s very difficult to express the love and feelings of gratitude you have for her. Just signing your name at the bottom of the card is not enough. You need to make the card more special by creating a personal message for it. Celebrate the special day with a message of respect, admiration, adoration and gratitude for your mom. In addition to this, you can also write something funny. Here are a few tips to write a birthday card for your mom:

1. She is special: Every mom loves to hear it from a child that she holds a special place in his or her life. So, while writing a birthday note on the card, think about the reasons why your mom is special to you. An example could be, “You are very special for me because you stay up later than your usual bedtime to listen to me and my problems.”

2. Favourite activity: Write about some of your favourite activities that you shared with her to let her know you still remember everything and that you miss the time spent with her. It will touch her heart deeply and make her feel happy. For example, you could write, “I remember the way we celebrated every Halloween by carving a pumpkin together. Those times come to my mind every time I see a pumpkin.”

3. Funny memory: All of us have some stories from our childhood or past that are funny. Write about a humorous moment that involves your mom. She will definitely enjoy revisiting those times. For example, “I still can’t forget when you ate the burnt pie I prepared. You smiled the whole time and ate it without gagging and then, suggested that we could bake it together the next time.”

4. She is the best friend: Write why your mom is one of the best friends of yours. She will definitely enjoy reading that you count her among your best friends. You can add a line, “Mom, you are my best friend and I trust you more than others in my life. I am happy that I can share all my secrets with you.”

5. Poem: It is always good to write a short poem on a birthday card for mother. Write one straight from the heart. Don’t worry about perfection. If you still find trouble in writing one of your own, you can search poems related to the mother-child relationship online. Choose the one that suits your relation with your mom or containing words related to your mother’s hobbies and interests. Even, if you write a few lines, she will be delighted.

In addition to that, write a message of gratitude on the birthday card for mother, thanking her for all the things she has done or does each day for you. There are uncountable words to express your love and respect; all you need to do is to combine the words well. For an enhanced personal touch, try to send a personalized card, imprinted with a pic of your mom. These days, various gifting portals like Post My Greetings offer these services at affordable rates. So, on this birthday of hers, make your mom feel special with your write-up and a personalized card.