6 Reasons to Send Birthday Cards

With the advent of text messaging, emails, chatting software, Facebook, Twitter and various new ways to communicate every day, why send birthday cards made of paper? I love greeting cards and always send these on every special occasion. In my view, paper greetings have their own charm and nothing can replace them. Here are six reasons why I still like sending them to my loved ones and friends:

1. It, somehow, has more importance for me when I receive a paper birthday card by mail. Maybe the reason is that it is a tangible thing that I can hold in my hands. Or maybe it’s the fact that the sender has put in extra effort to choose a card from a store and then taken the time to write and send it. All this makes me feel that he or she cares for and loves me.

2. With numerous ways to communicate nowadays, I find it difficult to chat with all my friends. Sometimes, it becomes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff; therefore, I find it tough to pay attention to all the messages that I receive through the Internet. Though I love to see birthday wishes on Facebook or other social networks, the charm lasts only for a few minutes or, at the most, till the end of the day. But when I receive a birthday card, it touches my heart deeply. I tend to appreciate the efforts of the sender and so his or her wishes stand out among the others’. The wishes sent through a paper card remain with me for a longer period.

3. Greetings can hardly be experienced on a computer. I work on a computer all day and often hurry in wrapping things up in the evening in order to keep my eyes off the computer when I am finished with work. Therefore, I don’t feel like giving extra time to seeing any digital card or message. The paper greeting can be seen anytime, whenever I am away from my PC or other such device.

4. The most advantageous point of a paper card is that it can be hung on the wall or put on the table or refrigerator. Moreover, I can even frame the card that I find the most beautiful. A printed card sent by loved ones reminds me of them for a longer period. It lasts in my awareness much longer than any digital message.

5. A paper greeting card lets me see the handwriting of a friend or loved one. A note written in their hand directly takes me to their world. I strongly believe that more senses are involved when we send birthday cards.

6. A photo greeting card strikes me the moment I open the packaging. A beautiful card created just for me makes me feel special as I read all that is written inside it. So, I would like to suggest to my friends to send birthday cards, personalized with their pictures. These cards are more effective and really make the receiver feel more special. If you really want to make someone’s day, simply send a beautiful birthday message through a personalized birthday card.

With the coming into existence of online gifting portals, it’s never been easier to send birthday cards. These websites offer numerous templates of greetings that can be personalized with photos and messages within a few minutes.