Look Cool in Stripes

If you think striped ties are a bit old school, it’s time to look again. Sure, the diagonal striped pattern has been around a long time, but that’s because generations of men the world over have always known how well a striped tie can pull a look together. Fit for every occasion and forever fashionable, striped ties are one of the cornerstones of every well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

Not only diagonal

Traditionally, at least in the UK, we wear our stripes on the diagonal, running right to left (when seen from above), although the fashion in the US has also included left to right stripes. But whichever way your stripes run, as long as you keep the stripes parallel across your knot of choice, you’ll look fab. Of course, stripes don’t have to be diagonal – horizontal, and even vertical look great when matched well with the right shirt, cardigan, or jacket.


For the office, a blue and amber striped tie worn with a plain shirt is a match made in heaven, so too is apple green and white, or teal and white. The classic look usually involves two colours but three colours are also terrific – think jade green, pink and purple, or how about light blue, mustard and white?

Seasonal colours in stripes are a great way of celebrating and harmonising with the time of year by wearing brighter colours in spring and summer, and darker more muted colours in autumn and winter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not wear purple, gold, pink, or orange in black and white January; or forest green, mustard, charcoal, or black in July?

Casual or formal

If you want to achieve a more casual look with a striped tie you can easily do so. Ditching the jacket and paring your tie with a vest or waistcoat hits all the right notes, and a striped tie worn with a slim fitting cardigan or jumper also strikes a cool chord – just don’t have the tie knot pulled too tight! Talking of knots, the four-in-hand is the simplest to tie and the one that looks more informal, whereas the full or half Windsor knot, is a good choice for more formal occasions. As accessories go, the striped tie is one of the most versatile and there is such a great choice of colours, cuts and designs to choose from that casual or smart, you’ll be spoiled for choice!