Do You Know 90 Percent of People Can Judge Your Personality by Looking at Your Shoes!

Here’s an interesting find out. Christian Crandall, a social psychology professor at the University of Kansas stated it is possible to judge the gender, age, personality, and even political views of people by looking at their shoes. 63 University of Kansas undergraduate students have already proved it. They looked at about 200 photos of shoes and could easily tell the age and gender of the person! Christian Crandall is also the lead author of the Journal of Research in Personality where the study revealed 90% of your personality could be judged by your shoes choice.

Let us at first look at the footwear worn by both men and women

Colorful Sneakers

People wearing colorful sneakers have more confidence in their associations than people wearing brown, black or gray color footwear. They have more control over emotions and are less disposed to anxiety or fear of getting separated from loved ones. However, if you believe colorful shoes users are more extrovert, you are wrong. Researchers say funny looking footwear does not mean a fun personality.


The Journal of Research in Personality 2012 found that high-tops lovers are generally more introvert, careful, and unfriendly.


Usually if you earn more, you will be prone to buying high-fashion footwear. High-fashion wearers are more concerned about what people will think of them and therefore always seen keeping their shoes tidy and clean. University of Kansas researchers also found high-fashion shoes users are more agreeable, conscientious, and are Republican.

Well-worn shoes

According to Angela Bahns, an assistant professor of psychology at Wellesley College, people who wear less attractive shoes are liberal in their views. These people are also less stylish. However, well-kept repaired shoes mean the person is conscientious. Moreover, they are more emotionally stable and extrovert.

Boring-looking footwear

The wearers are always in trouble when forming a new relationship. They are aloof and suppressive and don’t care what others think of them.

Biker-style Boots

Million Looks fashion website said people who wear biker-style boots are more reserved, selfish, and don’t trust other people. They are smart and prefer doing what they feel like without thinking of others will feel. Million Looks fashion website also found ankle boots are mainly worn by people who are aggressive and tough.

The Journal of Research in Personality study also found men tend to spend more on shoes than women. Also, high income people prefer to buy attractive and stylish footwear.

The Glamour magazine did a survey to find what men think about the different styles of women’s shoes

Fashionable Wedges

The wearers are more fierce and straight-forward. Women are more confident about themselves, yet hesitant to make quick decision about anything.

Excessive Girly Shoes

Buyers of this type of shoes are very sweet and feminine.

High-heel Pumps

Men surveyed said they are a pain to the eyes. Stilettos on the contrary show a more bright personality and make men believe the wearer is seeking more attention at party or other event. The wearers are confident about their appearance. However, women wearing stiletto are usually unreliable.

Flat Sandals

The wearers are elegant and ideal beach beauties.


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Huffington Post Style: What Men’s Shoes Say about Their Personality?

Vans: Easygoing but late.

Desert Boots: Masculine yet not at all aggressive; detail-oriented but not flamboyant.

Driving Mocs: Stylish but untidy.