Choosing A Bikini

As soon as the summer comes it seems imperative for people to take off their clothes and expose their skin to the sun.

Everyone likes a nice bronze glow, wanting to look healthy and attractive by adding some color to ourselves.

Naturally, skin protection is the foremost necessity when it comes to sunbathing, preventing premature skin aging and wrinkling as well as skin cancer and damage.

It is also, however, important to look good when sunbathing and the bikini is always an option when it comes to getting the best suntan with little “white bits”.

Designer bikinis can run into thousands of pounds, but it is possible to look good on the beach without it costing you a pretty penny.

The bikini can be traced back as far as the Romans but was often thought to be too revealing and risque.

Composing of a bra type top, exposed navel and then smaller pants, or often a skirt, there is very little material used in their creation.

Throughout the decades the bikini has been worn by many famous actresses from the first Miss World competition in 1951 to the famous scene of Ursula Andress emerging from a beautiful blue sea in the James Bond film “Dr. No”.

In fact, the bikini has been responsible for making many female movie stars into iconic sex symbols.

It is now accepted as the most common and fashionable form of beach wear in the world and varies from sizes, colors, styles and price.

When the increase in skin cancer was directed at exposure to the sun, the sales of the bikini reduced drastically in the 1990’s however it has since grown.

The traditional bikini continues to create controversy in the world today, wearers being banned in Barcelona from wearing it anywhere other than the beach area.

Many designers have their own version of the swim wear using various material and styles, from very, very small to the larger types of top and bottoms.

Some styles even include a sarong to cover up the legs and lower body when away from the beach or swim area.

In order to select a flattering style for use on the beach, ensure you select the right size top and bottom.

Some makes provide separate purchases of tops and bottoms or a mix and match service to change pieces in order to create variety.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the style to suit you however, the more comfortable and correctly fitting, the better you will look on the beach when topping up your tan.

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