Kinds of Varicose Veins Surgical Treatments and Their Side Effects

Varicose Veins Treatment is one of the most sought after medical remedy for enlarged and bulgy veins that can be mostly found on the legs and thighs. This kind of problem appears mainly to women but only few for men. There are different causes for this problem including hereditary and aging. Hereditary and aging are factors that we cannot be avoided or prevented. But some other causes are activities that strain the legs or put pressure on the lower extremities like during pregnancy or obesity. This can cause malfunction of blood flow in the veins which eventually becomes varicose veins. A large number of people are affected by this kind of problem, that is why there are also different kinds of treatment available to treat this.

Sclerotherapy– in this kind of treatment, a specialized solution that contains sclerosing agent is being injected into the veins. It removes those large and bulgy blood vessels from the circulation. It is not applicable though in all kinds of varicose veins, for it is not effective in taking away smaller or thin swollen and twisted veins. There are possible complications which can appear in this kind of treatment.

Side effects: Allergic reactions might arise because of the injected solution. Skin ulceration, inflammation and discoloration are also possible side effects. An experienced doctor who has undergone specialized training is best hired, so that you can avoid these kinds of complications.

Microphlebectomy – this kind of procedure involves incision of the skin where the swollen and twisted veins are found and pulling them away. This is one of the recommended Varicose Veins Treatment for larger veins.

Side effects include bruising and scar formation due to the incision. Bleeding and allergic reactions are also possible to happen. There is very small chance that serious complications are going to happen.

Endovenous Laser Therapy– this kind of treatment involves incision of the skin to insert a laser catheter onto it. This catheter heats up the walls of the veins, shrinks it and seals it. This kind of treatment is cost effective which can only be done in less than an hour in your doctor’s office.

Side effects: One of the prominent side effects is the allergic reaction from the solutions used. Scarring cannot be avoided due to incision and infection can sometimes happen also. Nerve injury and permanent swelling of the leg can also happen if the procedure is not performed well.

There are also treatments that do not involve surgical methods such as with the use of compression stockings. These compression stockings can provide you relief from pain caused by swollen and twisted veins, so it would be best to put them on in the morning before your veins swell. It cannot permanently treat varicose veins, but it does not give you any side effects.