Cosmetic Surgery – Benefits, Risks, and Limitations

Every day people look into the possibility of cosmetic surgery. Some are looking for a complete makeover when it comes to their appearance. Others are just looking to make minor improvements. Either way, there are certain benefits, risks, and limitations that a person should be aware of before making a commitment to any of the various procedures.


There are several benefits to cosmetic surgery. The most obvious benefit is the ability to change appearance for the better. If an individual isn’t happy with his or her tummy, breasts, or even eyes, something can be done to make an improvement. Along with these changes, patients often experience an increase in self-confidence. They are happier with their body and it shows in the way they present themselves.

In some situations, plastic surgery can benefit a person in the workplace. While only specific professions require that a person keep up a certain appearance, in general people that are happy with themselves bring that confidence to the workplace. Even relationships can benefit when one person feels better about his or her appearance.


One of the biggest risks to cosmetic surgery is the fact that there are no guarantees. A patient and surgeon can talk over the operation, come up with the ideal results, and work hard to make sure that everything goes well, but even with all of the extra effort, there are some people that are unhappy with the way the procedure turned out. Instead of adding self-confidence, things can take a turn for the worse.

Aside from appearance, there are medical risks involved in every cosmetic surgery. Scarring is always a possibility, incisions can become infected, and a person can have a negative reaction to any of the medications or tools used during the procedure. While the changes of something going wrong are slim, patients can increase their odds for a better experience by only working with a plastic surgeon that is licensed and certified, has the appropriate facility to perform the work, and has a reputation for taking care of patients.


Cosmetic surgery is not the solution for every single issue that a person has with his or her body. There are limitations to what the operation can do. In some cases, it can make improvements to an area, but it may not be able to completely transform a person’s entire figure. This is part of the reason that surgeons encourage their patients to reach a maintainable weight. As the body changes, the effects of the procedure will change as well. Liposuction may not be able to help a person drop several dress sizes. It is used to sculpt and reshape the body.