Choosing Between Men Or Women Plastic Surgeons

For a woman in particular finding plastic surgeons can be overwhelming. Sometimes a surgery may be in a discreet area. Sometimes you just feel like a man doesn’t really get your plight. For instance it seems that for men to age there isn’t as much stigma attached. There is this pressure to be thin, beautiful, and to look young. Youth is part of beauty for women with few feeling that they are still as lovely as they remember being and feeling at sixteen. While you may never look that way again or be able to turn back time, you may be able to boost your confidence with some procedures.

A woman may better understand how vulnerable you feel during a consultation for breast reduction. After all, she herself would not likely relish an opportunity to take photos of a part of her body she was unhappy with. For men their chest is not a private part of their body.

Female plastic surgeons may understand your desire to nurse your future children and may be more supportive and even suggest waiting. Many men can’t understand why a feeding method may be so important. While surely they will inform you of the risks and side-effects they may not fully understand why getting a reduction should be put off until you feel your family is complete. A breast reduction requires a candid discussion about weight, ability to maintain it, plans for future children, and even the measurement of how your breasts hang. All of this is to support you in getting the surgery. It is a private moment, with private photos and a conversation you may feel more comfortable discussing with a woman.

Men of course make great obstetricians, physicians and of course surgeons. They can tell you the risks, side effects, and even recommend the procedures they think will work best for you. They can check your dilation, monitor baby’s heart rate, and even offer you a serene and supportive environment for you and your new baby. One thing the male obstetrician will never know is how labor felt, how to push to be effective, and the flood of emotions that wash over you when you meet your new baby. There are some parts of the experience that they can never share and sometimes to some woman it is important that the person they speak to can. It is likely a man can perform your consultation, and even perform a surgery you’re happy with, but your preference should be noted.

Men can certainly administer anti wrinkle injections. They can help you decide between fillers and muscle relaxing techniques. They can even be great plastic surgeons transforming how patients appear every day. They will never quite know how it feels to see your breasts go from sagging to perky. They will never fully understand forfeiting your ability to nurse a future child or being told to maintain a stable weight for the best results after surgery. A man can know how to perform a surgery, but he will never truly know how the very private consultation feels. Both men and women can be great plastic surgeons, but you should go with whom you are comfortable with.