Can Plastic Surgery Boost Confidence?

In a recent article in the UK’s Sun newspaper, several women were interview about their cosmetic surgery procedures. These women had noted specifically that they made the decision after seeing pictures of themselves posted on Facebook by friends. Because they were tagged in these photos, they were able to access them quickly, and all were disappointed by what they had seen.

It’s normal to look at pictures taken of ourselves and to feel disappointed. Often a picture stills a moment in time – we may be caught in an unflattering pose with our mouths open, our eyes a bit too wide, or even closed. Our flaws seem to stick out in photographs, or so we perceive. Others may look at pictures and compliment us, but all we see are gawky smiles, wobbling flesh, and a nose that looks magnified.

How we perceive ourselves in photographs isn’t necessarily how we actually look. We may look in a mirror and see a completely different person. All the same, if you’ve noticed a bump on the bridge of your nose or some cottage chees texture on your thighs, you may consider surgery to tighten or improve certain areas. This type of work, designed to smooth your skin or give your face a natural, contoured appearance, may be the ticket to curing camera shyness.

Can plastic surgery boost your confidence? What, you may ask, about proper exercise and diet to tone muscles? We definitely encourage that. When you go in for any kind of elective medical procedure, it helps to be at the top of your health. While exercise and diet are helpful, though, they can’t help all problems (like a bump on the nose) you want corrected, and in some cases weight loss only gets you so far. You may feel healthier, but as your skin loses elasticity when you age, you’ll find lower weight makes some cellulite look more pronounced.

A simple procedure like cellulite removal or rhinoplasty can give you confidence you want to get in front of a camera again, and not dread the moment an alert comes up on social media informing you of a tagged photo.

If you do consider plastic surgery, do consult with a reputable doctor in your area. A good surgeon will help you discern what should be done to complete a safe procedure that leaves you looking great and feeling very good about yourself.