Shading Your Eyebrows Naturally

Looking your best is always everyone’s wish. Having your eyebrows looking good is an important part, since they are a part of your face. By filling your eyebrows in, you are able to lose all the imperfections you have. Your eyebrows add definition to your face and also to your eyes. There are so many methods to use, but here is one of them. No matter what materials you have to do your eyebrows, if you know how to make […]

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Why I Went Grey

Whether your first grey hairs pop up after 40, or whether your genetics gifted you with premature grey, you’re faced with a decision: let it go or cover up? I found my first grey hairs at age sixteen; “Oh, that’s my side of the family,” my mom remarked. Although I complained about it at the time, secretly I was pleased and hoped it might turn an elegant silver, like Lauren Bacall’s. Such a color seemed to say, “I am powerful […]

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