Why you need to switch to magnetic lashes

When there are so many new and improved items on the market, you shouldn’t remain stuck with your old beauty routine with traditional cosmetics and beauty hacks. The magnetic lashes are an alternative to regular artificial lashes that are applied with adhesive. Magnetic lashes are a quick beauty transformation tool that is used to get an instant different appearance.

What are magnetic lashes?

Magnetic Lashes are synthetic artificial eyelashes with tiny magnets incorporated into the hair. When connected to your natural lashes, the fake lashes are so light that you can hardly feel them. As a result, any cosmetic look may be transformed into beautiful and full of volume thanks to the Magnetic Lashes.

Types of magnetic lashes:

There are two types of magnetic eyelashes:

  1. In the first type, micro magnets are used to sandwich your natural eyelashes between two sets of magnetic eyelashes.
  2. Alternatively, you may use colored or clear magnetic eyeliner to attach only one layer of eyelashes to your eyelids.
Why you should switch to magnetic eyelash extensions:

Here are few reasons why you should convert to magnetic eyelash extensions:

·        Magnetic lashes worth your money:

Women spend a lot of money on cosmetics, so it’s important to find ways to save costs whenever possible. It’s a good idea to invest in excellent magnetic eyelashes since you get many uses out of them.

Ordinary artificial eyelashes must be thrown away after one usage due to the glue’s destructive nature. However, if you clean and care for your magnetic eyelashes correctly, they may last up to 30 times longer.

·        Everyone can learn the art of outing on magnetic lashes:

Because of the adhesive, many women are scared by putting traditional fake lashes. It is a tough job to put on glued lashes perfectly! Getting the proper quantity of adhesive and placing it in the right spot on your eye might be challenging.


As opposed to this, magnetic lashes are easy to put on and need little to no talent. With magnetic eyelashes, there are several various ways you may attempt. YouTube has lots of tutorials to help you out. How to apply magnetic eyelashes is hardly rocket science, though.

·        Multipurpose Designs:

Magnetic lashes are highly adaptable and may be used for any eye shape, style, or event, making them an excellent choice. You may choose from a range of lengths, styles, and materials, ranging from barely there to quite striking. If you prefer magnetic lashes, you can quickly switch them out on the fly. For your daily routine, the tiny baby llamas by Drama Llama are perfect magnetic lashes to wear.

·        Safe than ordinary glue:

If you’re considering switching from glue-based falsies to magnetic lashes, consider the fact that magnets are far safer than eyelash glue. Glue application near the eye is not a good idea, as you should know. Aside from causing irritation and damage to your natural lashes, it can also cause allergic reactions and even infections.

Around the eyes, magnets are safer than glue since they do not contain the harmful chemicals present in glue. After a long day, they can withstand the wind, but when it’s time for bed, they come off easily.


Magnetic lashes are the best substitute for glued lashes, and less time is required to apply these falsies. They’re less hazardous than glue-based lashes. They’re enjoyable to play with and look great.

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